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Mensch/ Erde/ Kosmos
2 Kinderbereich Milchstraße
3 ForscherAtelier
4 Café Jonas
5 Shop Unikat
6 Sonderausstellung
7 DenkArena
8 Gastronomie Kubus
10 Turm der Lüfte
11 Steinhügel
12 Wasserwelt
13 Kletterwand
14 Forum
15 Exponade
16 Wurzelpfad

Science Center

In the Science Center at Universum® Bremen, children, adolescents and adults go on a thrilling journey through the fantastic realms of mankind, earth and the cosmos. Different scientific phenomena are explored using all the senses: visitors can feel the vibrations of a gong through their entire bodies, play with their own weight on a beam scale, feel the shape of a room in complete darkness, smell unknown smells and become creative themselves.
At more than 250 exhibits and experimentation stations, spatial installations and media installations they can explore the world and have fun at the same time. Children and adults, friends and strangers all find themselves talking to each other and sharing their experiences. Science thereby becomes a highly intensive and memorable experience for all concerned.

Guide through the Science Center


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