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Special Exhibition


The new special exhibition DECIDE of the Universum® Bremen takes visitors to the supermarket of bountiful choices. In a world of job-hoppers, uncommitted lovers and non-voters, in a world where everything seems possible, but nothing can be taken for granted, those who make the right decisions in the supermarket of choices are the lucky ones. But this is easier said than done. Shall we listen to our brain or to our guts?
DECIDE examines the process of decision-making and analyses the interaction of personal freedom and social responsibility, accident and fate. Conceived by the Swiss exhibition company Stapferhaus Lenzburg and adapted for the German market by Arts & Sciences Exhibitions and Publishing GmbH, DECIDE will make its debut at the Universum® Bremen on 10th October, 2014.
The special exhibition DECIDE will be presented from 10 October 2014 to 10 May 2015 in the Universum® Bremen. Admission fee 03 November - 06 March 2015: 8 euro, reduced 6 euro (without permanent exhibition).

Please note that the special exhibition is only in German and not in English!

The new special exhibition area is where annual exhibitions on various themes will be held. Covering an area of 700 square meters and with a ceiling height of over 6 metres, it represents an ideal environment for unique installations.