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Development & Architecture

Is it a whale, a shell, or maybe a giant chrome pistachio? When it comes to the appearance of the striking Science Center building, opinions differ considerably.
Bremen-based architect Thomas Klumpp has not only succeeded in firing up imaginations with his design, but also in arousing curiosity and amazement both inside and outside the spectacular building. The Science Center was constructed in 2,000 using 6,000 cubic metres of concrete, countless prefabricated parts, enormously heavy steel girders and light wooden structures.

Das Science Center in der Bauphase

The SchauBox complements the innovative architecture of the Science Center by having its own clear style. The simple, classic cube shape of the building with its facade made of rust-red corten steel creates a fascinating contrast. On the first floor the ceiling height is over six metres, allowing fascinating micro-architecture to be installed for the special exhibitions.

Ansicht Baustelle der SchauBox und EntdeckerPark

The idea, design and implementation of the SchauBox are the work of Bremen architects Haslob Kruse + Partner, winners of the pan-European competition held prior to its construction. The same architects also designed the Turm der Lüfte, an architecturally-unique observation, museum and experimentation tower in the EntdeckerPark.
The EntdeckerPark was designed by landscape architects planungsgruppe grün from Bremen, and includes various landscape elements and exhibits that blend into the landscape to form a coherent and harmonious whole.

Blick vom Turm der Lüfte auf den EntdeckerPark